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LIONSCOUT provides international professional experience in the areas of Business Consulting, Software Development and Human Capital Management. We tailor our diversified, competent service portfolio to the needs of the European market.

The LIONSCOUT Pack Presents Itself

Originally founded as a ‘Family Office’, LIONSCOUT has grown into a leading consulting firm through continued growth and internationalization.

What About Us

LIONSCOUT applies the Kaizen principles to optimize the value chain, reduce costs and provide customers with added value. Are you ready to venture with us into new realms? Then join our world of lions and experience a variety that will leave you breathless! Follow us even deeper into the wilderness of our hunting grounds to get to know our hunting techniques in more detail. Get ready to be convinced by us.

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The first roar


Spreading ideas


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Stalking the future

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As people, we are authentic, strong as lions, and we always stand by our opinion. We continuously seek for the ideal balance between flexibility, innovation, quality, modesty and self-confidence. We continuously improve for personal consulting. We are dedicated to the highest degree of quality and we prove this through process-supported procedures and compliance with high quality standards. The achievement of optimal results for our customers is paramount.


The lion himself shapes LIONSCOUT’s organisational culture; lions often form small packs and conquer their territory. The grown lion barely encounters natural enemies. When he has to fight, this is usually against his own species. The sensory organs of the lion are developed extremely well; in particular, his 3D and night vision. The lion is also a master of navigation by sound. We transfer these behaviours and skills to our daily work, in order to communicate eye-to-eye with our customers, business partners and colleagues.

Be a Lion

Do you want to become a Lion in Management Consulting? We ensure that you not only reach your goals, but also offer you a tailor-made work-life balance and personal and professional development. We are always looking for hungry lions to work together on the further success of the LIONSCOUT. Depending on your strengths or personal development goals, you have the opportunity to make a career right up to a partnership with us. Did we make you curious? If yes, send us your application including a letter of motivation to the e-mail address, we will get back to you soon!

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